XRPwallstreetbets Manifesto

The information contained in this manifesto is strictly not confidential and is intended for sharing and must be copied, reproduced or transmitted to third parties as much as possible.
Welcome to the XRPwallstreetbets community, one of the most active and devoted cryptocurrency communities in all of crypto space! We’re here to support each other and help each other get more XRP and other XRPL tokens. The XWSB coin holders will get exclusive airdrop and giveaway offers from our partner projects that we will promote across our social channels.

We believe in the power of XRP ledger to create a more inclusive, egalitarian society in which everyone can thrive and have access to the opportunities they deserve. While we’re committed to the spirit that has brought us this far, we’re not just a bunch of developers. We’re a community of people who care about one another and want to see each other succeed so we can all thrive together.

The general idea behind XRPwallstreetbets (XWSB) coin is simple; it’s all about community and giving back to the community that supports us in our endeavors.
Economy for the people by the people
This community is created by you, for you. We are giving back to our community by providing exclusive airdrops and giveaways with our partner projects. This way we hope to raise awareness for these projects and at the same time provide our users with some exclusive offers that will benefit them directly. We believe that success is measured through sharing, thus making sure everyone is having fun on XWSB is our primary goal. We do not want to see only profits, but success stories as well! Let's grow together!!

Digital currencies will have a larger effect on the economy of the future than you might think at first glance.
Financial education for financial freedom
If you want to be financially free, then you need to learn about money and finances. Learning how money works is easy; learning how not to blow it is another thing altogether.

Financial education is crucial to your financial success, but it’s not something you learn in school. You need to do your own research. The cryptocurrency space is always growing and evolving, which means there’s always new information to absorb and strategies to develop. The more you know, the more informed choices can be made that will increase your chances of financial freedom down the road.

Therefore, we are providing free financial education for all our community members – courses, guest contributors, webinars and more from the best traders and analysts in the scene to reach your financial freedom.
Our objectives and roadmap
It’s very important that we work together as a team here at XWSB Community because there are many advantages that you would miss if you simply went about your own way...like all of these great things below!
And everything happens right now! No years of waiting.

XWSB token

80% of tokens are fairly distributed to as many community members as possible.

Exchange listings

DEX listings and community voting for an expedited listing process on Bitrue exchange.

Private community

Access to special benefits & rewards, like a market insight of early non-public project information.

Partner token

XWSB holders will receive exclusive airdrops from our partners. If you are not a holder, you are missing out.

Trading & Market

Our members are granted access to the best in class crypto, stock and forex courses & analysis.

and contests

XWSB is about having fun and getting perks, this is why holding XWSB is so great.

Surplus token

A vote on what will happen to XWSB tokens that will be left over from the airdrop, i.e. unqualified trustlines.

Free NFT’s

XWSB will collaborate with NFT projects on XRL ledger, securing unique digital art pieces for our community members.
XWSB token
XWSB is a token on XRP ledger. Being a utility token with direct benefits for its holders, it encourages owners to hold and accumulate more tokens, and newcomers to purchase tokens on the market to unlock the benefits of the community, hence supporting the healthy demand on the market.

Token economics or why should you HODL the XWSB token. 💎🙌

Exclusive airdrops, giveaways and other offers to the XWSB holders from the partner projects.

Pre-airdrops for XWSB holders
Free NFT’s from the partner projects
Double or even tenfold airdrop amounts
More offers
These are few of the perks XWSB holders get, therefore holding XWSB is increasingly beneficial. The number of XWSB tokens required for you to participate will vary depending on the project involved.

Other token demand supporting activities, such as fee-based services and token buybacks, are in development.

Token distribution

Total supply: 100 billion XWSB
Airdropped tokens: 80 billion XWSB
Marketing, partners and development: 10 billion XWSB
Team reserve: 10 billion XWSB
XWSB NFT Collection
To honor the legendary Wall Street Bets "guy", XWSB team worked together with NFT artists to create a collection of 10,000 unique and randomly generated NFT's living on XRP Ledger. Each is more ridiculous than the previous one - with its own personality wearing a set of different attributes.

This is a tribute to the XWSB community. Every true XWSB army member should hold one as it represents true financial freedom!
Collection will be available on the Sologenic marketplace shortly after its launch. Precise launch details TBA in our Twitter.

XWSB NFT collection facts
Iconic and world-famous character now available as NFT you can own
14 attribute categories to celebrate diversity
100+ carefully hand drawn attributes shaping the unique character personality
Rarity weights that make some of the characters truly special
How can you help
We are looking for crypto enthusiasts, diamond hands, and ape minds, who can help us grow our community by recruiting members to our Twitter and Discord channels

The idea is that if you know someone who might be interested in joining us, you should invite them to come see what we're all about. We're building a platform where people can feel like they belong to something special.

As an incentive to join us, we'll occasionally run giveaways for free tokens —we might even do it once or twice before you read this.
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